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"Honey, I used ('name redacted') DJ at my own wedding. He was good, but he was very expensive. I paid so much more. These guys, they do the exact same thing at a much better price, and you're getting everything I got for a lot less. Hire these guys."

This is literally what a coordinator said to her client about Elite DJ Solutions - at an open house, IN FRONT OF ANOTHER DJ.

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Affordable Wedding DJ doesn't have to mean you're getting the cheap DJ who doesn't know what they're doing, it means saving money without sacrificing what's important to you. 

Elite is Your Wedding DJ Solution because we've streamlined the process to make sure you're getting a great experience without having to spend the extra time or money. 

What makes Elite DJs the Smart Choice?

Streamlined Process

Experienced DJs

Quality Equipment

Massive Library of All Your Favorites

Easy Planning 

Fun Events at 1/2 the Price

With our team of experienced Wedding DJ experts, you get all the benefits without paying too much. While other DJs in the area are charging $1500-$4000 for a Wedding Reception, you get everything you need starting at $595.